My name is Dennis Osorio, and I make WordPress websites for nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

Why WordPress?

There are many reasons why I have been building websites with WordPress since 2007, why I continue to use it today, and why I recommend it to others.

It keeps your website’s content (text, photos, etc…) separate from its design (bold, red, Arial font, etc…). This is a big deal. This fosters faster, cleaner websites that allow for easy importing and exporting of content, and creates an environment that web designers and developers can work with.

Clients, end-users, writers – they can use it on their own without the need for much technical expertise or training. It is meant to be easy to use – and it mostly is.

Despite its ease of use, WordPress is also powerful and highly customize-able. It is estimated to power 17% of websites on the internet. Having such a large community of users and developers is a real advantage. Not only is there a large and ever-growing list of plugins that expand WordPress’s capabilities, but finding a web host to support it or a web designer who can work with WordPress is not difficult.

It is free and open source software. The stack of programming languages which work together to make it all happen, from MySQL and PHP on your web host’s servers to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript sent to and rendered by your web browser – all of it – is open and free.

My Process

I like to start with content and build out from there. When talking or emailing with potential clients, I seek to ask questions that get to the heart of what they would like to have built:

  • What do you want put online? How much consistency or variety do you anticipate in what you publish online? For example: long articles, short articles, poetry, photos, videos, etc…
  • Who do you want to share this content with? Think about the demographics of your audience – is it primarily men or women, younger or older, is it a specialized audience somehow?
  • Do you have marketing materials that you use? It frequently makes sense to incorporate them into your website. For example, do you have a logo, t-shirts, business cards, etc…?
  • Visitors to your website come with something in mind – they each have a goal. Maybe a visitor’s goal is find a very particular piece of information or maybe something more general. Maybe a visitor would like to submit something to someone. Our job is to help them meet their goal(s) and then provide opportunities for them to get a little extra. What do you think about that, and what goals might a visitor to your website have?
  • Related to helping visitors achieve their goals on your website, I believe that 50% of the secret to building a successful website is organizing your content and reflecting this in a navigational menu that makes sense. I can work with you to compile a list of pages and help you organize it.

Once I have a strong sense of the vision for your website, I will create a draft, working version of it that you can review. This draft website will give us a strong base to work from to make revisions and further solidify our shared vision if needed.

When we have a plan in place, I will create a timeline and give you a price quote. I will also ask for 50% of the total price quote to proceed. I will not exceed the price quote unless the scope of our project changes. If it does change, we will come to an agreement about how the change will impact the timeline and cost.

As I approach the completion of your website, you will have ample opportunity to review the work and ensure the project is a success. When I have finished your website and seen to your satisfaction, I will invoice for the remaining 50% of the website cost.