Spreadsheets for the People!

In 2014 I built Spreadsheets for the People! It originated from a series of popular tutorials that originally appeared on my personal blog.

Spreadsheets for the People! is a great example of a micro-site. It contains information for a particular product or brand. This allows for a narrower field of focus and action for a visitor than do most news-centered websites. It also runs on a multi-site installation of WordPress.

Spreadsheets for the People! home

I hand-coded the banner image using SVG, which I then grabbed a screenshot of and converted to .png. The circular background image is a repeating-radial-gradient easily made with CSS3.

Reset Seattle

In 2013, I built the campaign website, Reset Seattle for Washington CAN! on behalf of a coalition of organizations seeking to address the foreclosure crisis.

MG Inkworks

The owner was so pleased with the work I did on Matthew Graham Photography that he asked me to create MG Inkworks using the same design!

The Main Street Alliance

The second WordPress website I built was in 2008 for a new organizing project known as The Main Street Alliance. It is a national network of small business groups organizing around issues like health care, living wages, and paid sick days.

As The Main Street Alliance’s network grew, so did their website needs. In 2011 I built my first set of parent-child themes and used a multi-site installation of WordPress that resulted in a network of interrelated, yet independent, websites for:

  • The Main Street Alliance
  • Idaho Main Street Alliance
  • Montana Small Business Alliance
  • New Jersey Main Street Alliance
  • Main Street Alliance of Oregon
  • Main Street Alliance of Washington

The Main Street Alliance’s national website featured my work until mid-2014. Many of state chapters use the theme I built for them still.

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